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MyAvatarThis Legacy Challenge blog will document the life and times of The Kearney family as it progresses through the generations.  Newest chapters will always be at the top.  Any author notes about the story or this blog site will always be accompanied by my Sim Avatar picture.  Please enjoy this journey of through this Matriarchy of Wild Irish Roses!  Begin the Legacy.


Chapter 07 – Always Room for One More is up!

As Malcolm struggles to find a new job in the wake of the band splitting up, Siobhan and Teagan spend a little time at the park and Teagan hears a very interesting secret.



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Chapter 02 – Stars Collide… has been posted!


Siobhan found it a bit difficult to shake off that something truly bizarre had just happened.  She thought about the card with the male figure with the deck of cards falling out of his sleeve and the fact that Birdie had said that she may be swindled.  That certainly seemed to fit “winning” that enormous property that didn’t even have a standing structure on it.  To add insult to injury the plot of land was surrounded by mansions!  What was a girl to do? Siobhan noticed her stomach grumbling and happened to see a few ladies having a picnic.  She stopped over to introduce herself and met Belinda and Bianca Crumplebottom.  They invited her to share their picnic lunch and welcomed her to town.

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